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SAUDI ARAMCO will be cost 2.3K before REACHING $0! | Q-analysis

SAUDI ARAMCO will be cost 2.3K before REACHING $0! | Q-analysis

*** If you don't understand this graph, you could take the time to study Elliot's waves (basic of my strategy), sitting in your houses doing nothing ... don't make money, study! You will not get rich by wasting time and playing video-games. #QuantumMentality

PD: In quantum-analysis the future is predictable, start reading about quantum physics, and stop watching Netflix , and you will understand.

** If you are reading this message, and you are a hater, remember that there are many analysis of fairy tales out there that you could be looking at.

I wanted to cycle through SAUDI ARAMCO futures with the waves, and this is the result, I am trying to make it easy for you to understand.

This is a video game for me guys, don't stress, because I don't. LOL.

Let's GO!

* I don't use SL.
* Use our quantum-risk-management.

See you!

**** Do not bet, I do not lose entries, many of the analyzes I do are for entertainment. These I am taking a little more seriously. LOL. #QuantumTrading #FirstQuantumTrader

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